Episodes of the Kidneycast



A podcast in which Ari and Larra discuss his experiences with Alport Syndrome and his three kidney transplants. Here’s the full list of all our episodes (so far):

Episode 1: Welcome to the Kidneycast!

Episode 2: Growing Up with Alports

Episode 3: Ari’s First Transplant

Episode 4: Kidney Goes to College

Episode 5: The Failure of Ari’s First Transplant

Episode 6: Life After Transplant Failure

Episode 7: Ari’s Second Transplant

Episode 8: Moving On with a New Transplant

Episode 9: We Need to ACCOMMODATE You!

Episode 10: This Weather is Really Messing with My Blood Pressure

Episode 11: The Story We Don’t Tell

Episode 12: The Alport Syndrome Foundation Meeting in New Jersey

Episode 13: Love and Renal Failure

Episode 14: Day to Day on Dialysis

Episode 15: Home Hemodialysis

Episode 16: Cross Country with Home Hemo

Episode 17: Organ Transplants and Donation in Pop Culture

Episode 18: If You Can Have End Stage Renal Disease There, You Can Have End Stage Renal Disease Anywhere

Episode 19: Dialysis and the City

Episode 20: Turning the Tables

Episode 21: with SPECIAL GUESTS Martha and Glenn

Episode 22: Ari’s Third Kidney Transplant

Episode 23: Making the Most of the Kidney Transplant

Episode 24: Proving Yourself and Proving Something TO Yourself

Episode 25: “Hey, When Are You Guys Going to Have Kids?”

Episode 26: Coping

Episode 27: Kidneys and Organ Transplants in the News

Episode 28: Talking About the Money

Episode 29: Cytomegalovirus and #NephJC

Episode 30: The Last Episode (For Now)

Episode 31: Last Week Tonight’s Report on Dialysis

Episode 32: The Big Sick, Zombies, and Vacation

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